Rights Organization: Ongoing abuses and abduction of civilians, women and children in Afrin

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin canton reported that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries abducted 22 civilians, including two women, as well as continued recruitment of children and to fight in Libya's war.

"From April to mid-November, the Turkish occupation army kidnapped 22 citizens from the occupied Afrin, including two women, with the aim of imposing royalties on their relatives," Ibrahim Sheikho, spokesman for the Human Rights Organization in Afrin canton, Syria said.  

According to Sheikho, among the abducted was a minor girl named Hevin Mori from Jelma village in the occupied Jandiresa district. She was abducted by a mercenary of the Sham Corps faction after her family refused to marry their daughter, while the girl's fate remains unknown.

Sheikho added that the Turkish occupation had set up a centre in the Jandiressa area to send mercenaries to Libya for Turkish agendas.

He quoted sources from inside the centre of the occupied Afrin as saying that the Turkish occupation authorities were working to liquidate some factions who refused to fight in Libya.

He noted that Al-Sultan Murad's mercenaries, known as al-Ammashat and Samarkand mercenaries, recruit mercenaries, subject them to training courses and send them to Libya. In addition to recruiting minors and luring them with money. He added, "A 14-year-old boy was recruited from Ma'arat al-Numan, and the child Abdo Sheikho was abducted from the village of Rota in the district of Mobata in occupied Afrin and sent to Libya".

According to human rights activist, Sheikho, the so-called mercenaries of Turkish intelligence forces the people of Shiyah district to leave their homes if they do not pay 75,000 to 100,000 Syrian pounds.

Under the pretext of restoration…looting and destruction of archaeological and sacred sites.

Sheikho also referred to the looting of archaeological sites and holy sites, as well as claims by the Turkish occupation in the media that they are working to restore the holy places, shrines and archaeological sites. Sheikho stressed that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries destroyed and looted many archaeological sites and sold them to European markets, with the aim of obliterating the historical identity of Afrin.

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