Rights Organization in al-Jazeera: cutting the water of Alouk station is a war crime

The human rights organization in al-Jazeera region said that cutting the Turkish occupation state's water from the Alouk station from the residents of the city of Hasakah and its countryside amounts to a "war crime" that is punishable according to the Rome Charter establishing the International Criminal Court, and demanded pressure on Turkey to pump the water.

The Turkish occupation state, which occupies Serekaniye city and its countryside, cut off the water of the Alouk station that feeds the city of Hasaka and its countryside with drinking water. In this context, the human rights organization in al-Jazeera region issued a written statement to the public opinion.

The organization said in its statement: "For the second time in less than a month, the Turkish occupation state and the Syrian armed factions cooperating with it in what is called (the national army) deliberately cut off water from the wells station of the occupied Ras al-Ain region."

The organization pointed out that this station is the main source of safe drinking water for about 460 thousand people in the city of Hasaka, and the area of ​​Tel Tamr in its western countryside, Al-Hol camp which includes more than 73 thousand displaced people and families of ISIS, Al-Arisha camp and Al-Shadadi town.

She stressed that cutting the water of the plant threatens to exacerbate the humanitarian situation, especially with the announcement of the emergence of an infection of the Corona virus emerging in Syria and the growing fears of a possible health disaster in the region with the lack of equipment to meet the potential for the spread of the pandemic, and limits the current efforts to spread it and deprive the people of preventive measures to protect from Its spread, especially hand hygiene, puts parents, especially children, at risk of infection.

The statement added: "We at the Human Rights Organization in al-Jazeera region condemn this dangerous act in the strongest terms of condemnation, and we consider cutting off the drinking water supplies to the people an act amounting to a" war crime ", punishable according to the Rome Charter establishing the International Criminal Court."

The organization considered this act unacceptable, which came to achieve political and military gains without taking into account the urgent humanitarian needs of the people.

It appealed to the United Nations and all relevant international and humanitarian organizations and the international coalition to fight ISIS to condemn this inhumane act, and called on them to immediately intervene to put pressure on the Turkish occupation state to return water to the people, not to use their water needs as a weapon in their hands, and to work for an alternative solution to the Alouk station, so that people do not remain prisoners of these irresponsible acts of the Turkish occupation state and the Syrian factions cooperating with it.



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