Rights activist: Ocalan's isolation violates international law Turkey signed

"The isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan violates the rights of detainees in international and humanitarian law signed by Turkey," said political and human rights activist from Aleppo, Mohammed Jamil. "The resistance of hunger strikers in prisons is a warning and alert to the Turkish state.

For the 801 time, the Public Prosecution in the Turkish city of Bursa on 26 March rejected the requests of the lawyer of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan to meet with their client.

On the other hand, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) violates the rights of detainees. The human rights and political activist, lawyer Mohamed Jamil in Aleppo, told our agency that the isolation imposed and the prohibition of lawyers from meeting with the leader violates the basic rights of detainees stipulated in international and humanitarian law because he is not a criminal prisoner and enjoys the qualities of the revolutionary leader.

Jamil noted that denying visits with the leader is one of the grave violations to human rights treaty that Turkey signed. "Turkey is not committed to the provisions of this treaty and therefore requires international commitment, so the door must be opened to attorneys to meet with their client, as imposing isolation and prohibiting contact with the world is violation of the international agreement."

Resistance of hunger strikers is warning to Turkish state

It is well known that the resistance shown by the hunger strikers in Turkish prisons is an alert and warning to the Turkish state, and the government must fulfill its obligations under international law.

Jamil noted that the Turkish State's practices affirm it proceeds its fascist policy and order.

The political and rights activist Mohammed Jamil stressed that there is no doubt that the hunger strikers have the right to be committed to their leader, who is a historical figure and a leader who represents the Kurdish people and the culture of democracy in the region and concluded by saying: "leader Abdullah Ocalan fought and struggled politically to extract the rights of the Kurdish people's right in self-determination in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations."


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