Revolutionary Youth concluded march with statement

The Syrian Revolutionary Youth concluded their massive march in the third day in Aleblur village that is 10 km away from Kobanî, and that was launched to denounce the international conspiracy against Ocalan.


The massive march that was organized by the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement on February 12 was launched from al-Jalabiya district that is located 60 km south-east of Kobanî city under the slogan "To Break the Isolation, Fascism, and to Liberate the Leader, Revolt."

Hundreds of the youths of the Syrian Revolutionary Movement who came from the areas of north and east Syria in addition to Manbij, al-Raqqa, al-Tabqa and of all the components participated in the march.

At the third and last day on Thursday, the march headed from the Free Woman Square in the center of Kobanî city towards Aleblur village that is considered the first village where the leader Abdullah Ocalan entered in Rojava. 

After the march reached Aleblur village, the youths stood in front of the house where the leader Ocalan stayed and concluded the march with issuing a statement read by the member of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement Delil Jansiz.

In the beginning of the statement, Jansiz condemned the international conspiracy that targeted the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, and saluted his struggle in Imrali prison and the resistance of the struggler Leyla Guven and her comrades who are on hunger strike, demanding for lifting the isolation on Ocalan.

Jansiz assured that the conspiracy's goal was to undermine the will of the peoples who are eager for freedom, and that the conspiracy continues with imposing the strict isolation on Ocalan in order to isolate him from the people and the world in addition to attempts to prevent the leader's thought and philosophy from being spread.

Jansiz pointed out that all the peoples of the north and east Syria follow the leader Ocalan's approach and apply his ideology represented by the democratic nation's project, and by virtue of this ideology, north and east Syria got liberated and security and peace were achieved, as well as the peoples including all the components and nationalities live with co-existence and peace.

Jansiz assured that their resistance will continue with all forms till the isolation is broken and the leader Ocalan's freedom is achieved.

He concluded calling for all the youths to join the resistance and organize themselves within the Youth Movement to stand against the Turkish occupation and struggle for the liberation of the occupied areas.



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