​​​​​​​Revolution under threat of intelligence campaign, people should be cautious

 Martyrs Families in Kobani warned against turning the region into an intelligence arena for Turkey and other regimes, "in light of a special war targeting the Kurdish unity."

During June and July, the security services were able, in close intelligence operations, to arrest an intelligence network in various cities in northeast Syria, charged with sending security sites and coordinates to Turkish intelligence, carrying out special intelligence activities among young people, and promoting drugs and prostitution.

Ismat Sheikh Hassan refers to the great endeavor of the Turkish state to strike the revolution in Rojava through secret agents to create a rift in the society and commit assassinations as well as transfer security information from the region to Turkish intelligence.

He added, "There is a special war against the unity of the Kurdish people by using the Kurdish youth as undercover agents among their people, and thwarting the Rojava revolution like dozens of other Kurdish revolutions. Our people in northern Kurdistan should stay away from such actions. "

In the past week, security forces arrested a MIT agent in a Kobani neighborhood.

The agent, Sardar Abdi's confession  included detailed events about the months in which he worked as an informant for the Turkish intelligence services, while helping to arrest important people in the administration of the northeast of Syria.

For its part, Aisha Effendi, a martyr's mother, says: "The revolution is under a systematic intelligence campaign by Turkey and neighboring regimes. This campaign can be stopped and thwarted by our society.

Every individual must turn into a force that deters these dirty practices, and does not sell the country and betray the people for the sake of a little money".



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