​​​​​​​Revenge murder committed in Kobanê 

A murder occurred against a young man from Kobanê city, and according to preliminary information, the crime was implemented out of revenge against the background of an old dispute.

The young man (FKB), 20 years old, was killed by (AM), 34 years old, today at approximately 15:30. According to preliminary information, the crime was carried out out of revenge between the families of the murderer and the murdered.

The crime occurred in the forest west of Kobanê city, and as a result, the Internal Security Forces (Asayiş) interfered, began an investigation into the circumstances of the crime, and arrested persons involved.

The Internal Security Forces' Anti-Organized Crime Office is still investigating the case.

While the body of the young man (FKB) was transferred to the Kobanê Hospital for examination by forensic medicine, and conducting the remaining legal measures.

It is worth mentioning that the old dispute, which is said to be the motive behind the implementation of the current crime, occurred more than a year ago in Turkey, as the father of the perpetrator was killed by the victim's father, prompting the first to revenge on the family of his father's murderer.


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