Revealing huge toll of victims of ferry in Mosul

The MP for the Nineveh in Iraq Ahmed Jubouri, on Friday, revealed new figures for the incident of Mosul's ferry, and indicated that the number of those who were on the ferry was 287.


Al-Jubouri said on a tweet, quoted by the agency Roj News, where he noted that the number of those who were on the ferry (287) (103 women 86 men 98 children).

He added that "the number of bodies recovered from the river is 89 bodies, the number of rescued and who saved themselves up to 80 people."

"The remaining 118 were missing," Jubouri said.

Earlier, the Department of Forensic Medicine in Nineveh, on Friday, revealed the high toll of the victims in Mosul for more than 100 dead.

"The death toll from the sinking of the ferry on the forest tourist island north of Mosul exceeded 100 people and could rise in the coming hours," the department said in a brief statement, without giving further details.

According to information, the reason for the sinking of the ferry was that it was carrying too much capacity.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi announced the general mourning across the country, and the embassies and representations of Iraq abroad, for 3 days, on the victims of the sinking of the ferry of Mosul.



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