Resistance continues in Mardin in response to seizure of municipalities

Resistance against the Turkish fascist occupation, with the participation of parliamentarians, mayors, the Peoples' Democratic Party, and the people of Mardin continues on the 14th day, while the parliamentarian Mehmet Rutush confirmed that the seizure of municipalities is illegal.

In response to the takeover the three largest municipalities in the cities of Amed, Mardin and Wan by the AKP, the people of Mardin continue to resist in their 14th day.

The sit-in and resistance events are held in the Karayular Park in Artulklo district in Mardin, with the co-chairs of the HDP in Mardin, mayors, HDP parliamentarians, municipal council members and dozens of residents.

MP Rutush Terkay, MP of the People's Democratic Party (HDP), spoke at the event today and said: they claim that our sit-in is illegal. Is the seizure of municipalities in accordance with the law? Their work is against the law and has nothing to do with the law.

The crowd then marched towards the HDP building in the city of Mardin t with chants confirming the continuation of the resistance.



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