Resistance achieved all people's demands

 The leadership of the Directorate of Women in al-Raqqa said that the resistance of the hunger strikers has achieved positive results on the ground: as the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan met with his lawyer and his family.

 After the resistance lasted more than 200 days by the MP Leyla Guven and hundreds of detainees in of the Turkish occupation's prisons, who went on hunger strike demanding to lift the isolation imposed on the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Ocalan, allowed the Turkish authorities to his lawyers and his family to meet him, according to his request the strikers declared to end their strike, after achieving its objectives.

In this regard, the administrator in Women Department in al-Raqqa Zulikah Abdi said "The Turkish government is the main reason for obstruction the solution of the crisis in Syria, and it recognizes that the ideology of the leader Ocalan calls for the unification of peoples and solidarity, and that was obvious in his last message"

Zulikah noted that the resistance initiated by MP Leyla Guven proved that women can resist and organize themselves away from authoritarian mentality, and that they are the vanguard in building a democratic, moral and political society.

In the same context, the administrator Maryam Abo said that "The message sent by Ocalan was positive and made us feel happy and pleased, and we will work to maintain the unity of Syria."

She pointed out that the resistance shown by the hunger strikers proved that the people can change the course of history, and made the Turkish occupation state to acquiesces to their demands.

At the end of her speech, Maryam appealed to the human rights and human rights organizations to work for the release of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. And said "The keys to resolving the crises in the Middle East are in the hands of the leader Ocalan. Without his release, the crises will not end," she said.



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