Residents of Serin: With our bodies, we will build a wall

The residents of the region of Serin gathered today in Ziyara village on the border between Kobani and Turkey, against the Turkish threats in the north and east of Syria, standing as human shields.

For the tenth day in a row, the people of northern and eastern Syria sit on the Turkish border, rejecting Turkish threats to occupy their areas. Today, hundreds of residents of Serin area near the border between Kobani and Turkey.

The people spend their night and night under the tents of the sit-in, forming human shields to stand up to Turkish threats that threaten the security of their regions and destabilize them.

They have gone on a sit-in on the border village of Ziyara, west of the city of Kobani, to the village of Qara Mog, east of the city, chanting slogans denouncing the occupation.

In a sit-in session today, the co-chair of the Martyrs' Families' Council in Serin Amal Mustafa said: "If these threats are a psychological war and a new project for the Turkish occupation, we will stand against it. We will build a human wall against the attacks."

She also praised the role of society in standing up to these ambitions, pointing to the role the people of the region played in the fight against Daesh mercenaries.

The sit-in continues on the border without specifying the date of the end.


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