Residents of Afrin border villages refuse to settle Turkmen families in their villages

Residents of the border villages of Afrin and those displaced to Al-Shahba canton confirmed their refusal to settle Turkmen families in villages near the Syrian-Turkish border.

As part of a series of violations by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in Afrin, the Turkish occupation settled Turkmen families in the border villages in Afrin, with the aim of separating the border villages from Afrin and annexing them to Turkey.

Turkey is trying to replicate the scenario of the Iskenderun area in Afrin by bringing in Turkmen families and providing them with assistance to ensure their survival in the region.

The people of Afrin border villages and those displaced to al-Shahba canton confirmed their rejection of the Turkish plans in their villages.

Jamal Ibrahim, a resident of Baliah village near the Turkish border, confirmed his refusal to settle Turkmen families in the border villages and change the demography of the area.

Ibrahim said, "the Turkish occupation wants to show the world that the border villages do not have Afrin residents, but Turkmen families, with the aim of annexing those areas to their territory as it did the former Iskenderun area."

Ibrahim called on international and human rights organizations to work to ensure the return of displaced Afrin residents to their lands.

For his part, Adnan Abdo, a resident of Adama village, said that the Turkish occupation seeks through the occupation of Afrin to eliminate the history of the region, and "impose Ottoman hegemony."

Abdo added, "The Turkish occupation has ambitions for hundreds of years to occupy Syria, and the best example of ambitions is to establish the partition wall between Afrin and al-Shahba in order to separate Afrin from the rest of Syria.

The citizen Shireen Mourad from the Sheltah village said that they refuse the actions of the Turkish occupation in the borders villages and said that these villages are Syrian villages and for the people of Afrin and the Turkish occupation has no rights to annex these villages to its territories. 



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