Researcher to Hawar: US is provoking Iran to return to negotiations

The US Academician and Researcher at the US Affairs and the Middle East, Dr. Abeer Kayed has confirmed that Washington was provoking Iran militarily to return to the negotiation table, and revealed that there was no war on Iran, but the likely future was the war against Hezbollah. She added that Washington was deceiving the Gulf of the war on Iran, but it would negotiate with it.

The regional and international media outlets are talking about the imminent outbreak of war between Iran and the United States after the latter sent a Patriot air defense missile system and an aircraft carrier, as well as B-52 strategic launchers to the Middle East.

Washington is provoking Iran militarily to return to the negotiating table

In the midst of conflicting predictions and differences of opinion among the politicians between whoever expects the escalation and whoever expects the return to the negotiating table, the Academician and the Researcher in the US and Middle East Affairs, Dr. Abeer Kayed told Hawar news (ANHA), "Washington is mobilizing an existing military force, which has been already existed in the Middle East. The fifth fleet or aircraft carrier of Abraham Lincoln is at the military base in Bahrain. What Washington wants from Iran is a military provocation leading the latter to the negotiating table to complete gaps in the nuclear agreement concluded by the Obama's administration, especially with regard to ballistic missile tests."

On Iran's response, Dr. Abeer explained, "Iran will pay no attention to the points raised by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as a condition for seating. What Pompeo stated on Monday reinforced what I am saying when he said, "We do not have any preconditions to sit down with Iran, as if Washington's foreign policy is to impose diplomatic hegemony."

There is an undeclared agreement between Russia and America to get Iran out of Syria and this "will not happen soon"

"Al-Assad has repeatedly stated that the Iranian presence in Syria was a Syrian demand to support the Syrian regime and fight terrorism. In order for Assad to abandon Iran, the Russian position must be more clear about the Iranian military presence in Syria, but Russia is also exploiting the Iranian presence in Syria to put pressure on its interests with Washington," he said.

There is no war on Iran, but the likely coming is the war against Hezbollah.

The academician says, "No war on Iran, maybe that will be a war against Hezbollah to liquidate it as some Gulf countries want, and here, Iran will not intervene or defend it. The first beneficiary of Iran's exit from Syria is Israel, so in the future, there will be pressure on them on the US side to complete normalization with the Gulf, and mobilize all against Iran, as happened at the Arab summit and the recent summit in Mecca, but the decision is neither at the hands of the Arab League nor the Gulf Cooperation Council."

Washington is deluding the Gulf of war on Iran, but it will eventually sit down with Iran for negotiation

And added, "Washington will push them to buy more weapons and trick them about the war against Iran, that is material blackmail for arms deals to be stored as before. Ultimately, Washington will sit with Tehran to deal with the loopholes of the nuclear deal and hold new deals that will strengthen Iran's stature in the Persian Gulf because it is Washington's interest to strengthen Saudi Arabia's enemies to extort it materially, politically and militarily as in the past."



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