​​​​​​​Research official: Regional, international powers play role in increase in ISIS activity

 The public relations official at the Euphrates Research Center, Walid Joli, explained that the activity of ISIS mercenaries in northern and eastern Syria has increased with the efforts of regional and international powers, and indicated that the recent attacks occurred as a result of this.

 After the geographical elimination of ISIS mercenaries in the spring of 2019 by the Syrian Democratic Forces, the mercenaries resorted to forming sleeper cells as a means to continue their attacks on northern and eastern Syria and threaten the security of the region.  Mercenary activity escalated in parallel with the Turkish field and verbal escalation against the Autonomous Administration.

 Despite the many appeals made by the Autonomous Administration to the international forces to perform their duties in dealing with the ISIS file, these calls did not fall on deaf ears, to bear the burdens of this confrontation with ISIS alone.

 The Autonomous Administration has confirmed on several occasions that dealing with ISIS within a security framework will not lead to the total defeat of ISIS, which is a declared goal of the international coalition that did not go beyond its cooperation with northern and eastern Syria after the military operations.

 Walid Joli says, "ISIS is an intellectual (ideological) group, so defeating it militarily does not mean that it has been eliminated."  Walid Joli cited the attempts of mercenaries in al-Hol camp, the countryside and villages of northern and eastern Syria, and presented them as an example, and mentioned that in al-Hol camp in particular, the mercenary families sought to reorganize themselves again and train children.

He indicated that the mercenaries trained and organized many people between 2019 and 2022 in order to achieve this goal.  He pointed out that the mercenaries have focused during the current year on the material and military aspects, explaining that the recent ISIS attacks are the result of their efforts.

 The influence of external forces

He also indicated that regional and international powers play a role in the issue of the increasing activity of ISIS mercenaries, and continued his speech, saying: "They use ISIS mercenaries as a political card for their interests. The Turkish state, in particular, has been seeking to implement its plans in this way since 2014. Also,  There are secret and public bargaining taking place over the mercenaries, and the ongoing meetings and endeavors between Turkey and Russia, Turkey and Syria, and Turkey, Iran and Russia are taking place with this goal, as the presence of ISIS in the region is in line with their interests, as Russia seeks to use ISIS against the international coalition to say that 'the international coalition  is not able to solve the issue of ISIS, so there is no need for his presence in the region. "Thus, it sends a message to America and its allies."

 He explained that all plans and projects of these forces contradict the achievements of the Kurds and the region.  He pointed out that the Damascus government is seeking to conclude agreements with Turkey for this purpose.

 The public relations official at the Euphrates Research Center, Walid Joli, stated that the Turkish occupation state seeks to destabilize the regions of northern and eastern Syria at such a stage and to place ISIS at the forefront of its front.  He pointed out that Russia and Iran seek to strengthen their relations with Turkey and then remove the US forces and the international coalition forces from the region.



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