Representatives of society segments in Rojava launch a "mass initiative to unity"

Representatives of the social groups in Rojava launched an initiative to support the unification of the Kurdish class, under the slogan "the mass initiative for the unity of the Kurdish class", in a statement.

The representatives of society segments including intellectuals, artists, jurists, clerics and dignitaries of the Kurdish tribes organized in Rojava today a press conference at the Mohammed Sheikho Center for Culture and Art in Qamishlo city, during which they made a statement to the public opinion, through which they revealed launching an initiative to unify the Kurdish class, under the title (The Public Initiative for the Unity of the Kurdish Class).

The statement was read in the Arabic language by the member of the Preparatory Committee Abd al-Wahhab Khalil, and the Kurdish by the intellectual Malav Rasul. The text of the statement read: "It has become clear to everyone that the Middle East region is going through a critical juncture stage, as a result of the accumulation of syndicated and complex historical crises, which came compatible with the interests of international and regional powers, it led to the wars and protests that we are today in which exceeded all the criteria and rules of conflicts, and this may lead to drawing a new costly geopolitical map at the expense of the peoples and components of the region.

The statement indicated that: "We are confident that the Kurdish file, in its current form, is a mixture resulting from conflict and sharing of those crises and interests and in common denominators, which we consider a national issue with distinction and in all parts, and therefore the region will remain on a tin of fire as long as this file remains stuck without national solutions based on democratic foundations, in which all social, civil and political actors and legal persons participate in drawing its features and without marginalizing or excluding its racial and ethnic components."

With regard to the dialogue in the unity of the Kurdish class, the statement added: "Depending on what has been exercised against our people and the responsibility that every Kurdish patriot in the homeland and the diaspora from the children of Rojava undertakes, we, as a group of the civil society spectrum, initiated the participation of cultural, political and social parties and activists from keen individuals who seek the unity of the Kurdish class, and create a suitable ground for building a comprehensive and inclusive Kurdish dialogue in Rojava Kurdistan, so that the general lines of the struggle of our people are drawn, satisfying the sacrifices of its just martyrs, and reaching a compromise formula in the form of a national charter or honor document.

The statement added: "It is no secret to us that our endeavor is fraught with great difficulties, and we will bear the burden of this arduous effort, with our appreciation for all other endeavors and initiatives towards the maturity of this national duty."

The statement pointed out that their initiative is a public initiative to help and supplement other initiatives and not a substitute for them. He said: "Especially the initiative launched by the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which, doubtlessly, are a result of their keen desire to protect our people's gains and great sacrifices, and it is appreciated and respected by all societal and political spectra, therefore, our initiative is a serious and complementary national step with distinction of all previous efforts, and it does not aim at any partisan or personal gains, but rather is a public endeavor aimed at building the unity of the Kurdish class in front of the challenges it faces. "

The initiator of the initiative identified several pillars to work towards achieving it:

1- Emphasizing that the Kurdish people in Syria is a historical and basic component that lives on its geography with the other fraternal peoples in Rojava Kurdistan, creating a cultural and social heritage with it that must be preserved and developed.

2- Seriously endeavoring to revive all the initiatives and efforts that were exerted in order to create an inclusive and comprehensive framework for the Kurdish forces with their various paths and aspirations, especially the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

3- Emphasizing the protection and development of military and administrative gains, especially the military forces, which we prepare from the sovereign national gains, on both Kurdish and Syrian levels.

4- Working together to reach a Kurdish national conference or an expanded meeting in Rojava Kurdistan, attended by all parties, political forces and civil society activities, to reach a unified and comprehensive Kurdish reference.

5- Cooperating with all the jealous Syrian national components on the future of the country's unity and defending it against all forms of oppression, denial and occupation, and constitutional recognition of the national rights of the Kurdish people and the rights of fraternal components in Rojava.

6- Based on the above mentioned terms of our statement, the formation of the (good-will committee) will be announced in light of the outcome of the general meeting, and its role in drawing up the mechanism of work and starting with it be undertaken as soon as possible.

Abdel Wahab also mentioned the necessity of quickly acting and without any procrastination, due to the sensitivity of the internal, regional and international conditions. He appealed to parties, social activities, institutions, unions and professional unions to prioritize the national interest over other interests, and called on all patriots to positively interact in their endeavor.



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