Representative of Modernity and Democracy Party: We fear that terrorists have role in political process

The representative of Modernity and Democracy Party in the Autonomous Administration, expressed their party's concern that there will be a role for terrorists in the political process for the future of Syria, pointing to the lack of seriousness of Russia and Turkey in the real steps to resolve the Idlib issue.

Maher al-Tamran, representative of the Modernity and Democracy Party told the Hawar news agency about the agreement to reduce the escalation in Idlib, what could be the situation there, and the most appropriate solution to the crisis in Syria.

At the beginning of his speech, he said that the intensified escalation by Russia and Turkey in Idlib is a general indicator of the failure to implement the agreement reached by the two countries in Sochi.

He continued: "What is meant by the agreement is basically to be a factor temporary solution of the Idlib crisis and not a treatment factor or a permanent solution to it."

He added, "The conflict and escalating factors are available in the city, and they may not have close and decisive solutions unless the two countries agree on a new situation for Idlib and for the forces that are occupying and control their lives."

During the interview, lawyer Maher al-Tamran pointed out that Turkey has not yet met the terms of the agreement, which is the dismantling of Jabhat al-Nusra, and failed to ease the first of the supporters and militants in the city because it provided the logistical support to them from the beginning."

He  expressed their party's concern that there would be a role for the terrorists in the political process for the future of Syria, and that the situation constitutes an obstacle to the formation of Syrian national body among the various Syrian components, on the basis of pluralism and recognition of the other and on the basis of secularism, modernity and democracy.

Any solution that marginalizes a party is an inevitable failure to resolve the crisis

During his speech on the optimal solution to the crisis experienced by Syria, he stressed that the Syrian crisis cannot be resolved without crystallizing a political solution on the table of negotiations does not exclude the active forces on the ground, especially the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD)with all its forces and political components.

Maher praised the exceptional competence demonstrated by MSD and the Syrian-Syrian dialogue forces, which presented a comprehensive theoretical project to solve the Syrian crisis.

He stressed that the project of the Syrian Democratic Council is a theoretical road map that was carefully developed and a great awareness, and is already the basis of a political solution that ends the crisis of Syria..

Maher noted that the Syrian Democratic Council and the participants in the third Syrian-Syrian dialogue forum laid the groundwork for building a new Syrian constitution that is pluralistic and cannot be excluded.



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