Reports: Massive Turkification operation in occupied areas in Syria

Reports published, on Tuesday, that Turkey follows of massive Turkification policy in occupied areas in Syria, and confirmed that the mercenary gangs who are supporting this Turkification operation.

Al-Arab newspaper and Al-Arabiya Net published separate reports on the Turkification policy imposed by the Turkish occupation on the areas it occupies with its mercenaries, the imposition of the Turkish curriculum and the absence of the mother tongue amid changing the names of cities and schools.

Al-Arab newspaper pointed to a state of anger between the Kurds in Syria and all the Syrian peoples, as a whole of "the activities of Turkey on Syrian territories, in addition to reprisals and killing on ID, Ankara wants to spread its cultural, linguistic and military control of the region in Turkification policy systematically, and targeted operation to annex the occupied areas of Turkey. "

Raising Turkish flags and changing the names of cities

Turkey has also changed its name on the military sites, schools, streets and service institutions in the occupied areas in Syria. Ankara also changed the names of the cities, such as changing the name of the city of al-Rai in north Aleppo to "Juban Bay" and the name of Jabal Aqil, known as the "Bulant al-Bayraq", not to mention names of dozens of villages in al-Bab, Afrin and Azaz areas have been changed, as well as squares, streets and parks names"

Turkish curriculum and prohibition of the mother tongue

The newspaper adds: "In Afrin, the name of Recep Erdogan on the arena of the" Serail "and other Turkish names on some Kurdish villages, and in Azaz was called the" Ottoman nation "of a public park of aged 100 years with a large Turkish flag and writings in Turkish more shocking for the Syrians" , and the Turkish occupation changed the names of schools and the imposition of the Turkish language after the prohibition of Kurdish language in full and Arab in some areas, it was noticeably in the cultural center in the village "Mariamin" in Afrin under the name "Tanzilah" mother of the Turkish President.

The newspaper stressed that Turkey imposed on parents to teach their children Turkish language and rely on the Turkish curriculum instead of the Syrian curriculum, while certificates have been distributed on the students, which were printed on it Turkish flag and language Turkish, and opened branches of universities and points of mail and the Turkish courts and religious centers in the Ottoman way, which calls on the Turkish president and his army to expand.

Mercenaries …the largest supporters of Turkification in Syria

Al-Arabiya Net said in its report that the Syrian city of Azaz occupied by the Turkish mercenaries completed a project to renovate a round square in the center of the city, raising the flag of the Turkish state. Although Azaz Media Office belonging to Turkish mercenaries said "this project was implemented with the support and funding of the merchants of Azaz and its countryside," local sources from the city told Al- Arabiya. Net that the mercenary gangs forced these traders to pay large sums of money to implement it.

The mercenaries announced last June, the launch of the name "the Ottoman nation" on the public park in the city of Azaz after restoration in a move similar to the launch of the name of Erdogan on a public square in the city of Afrin, raising the Turkish flag over many of the headquarters and government bodies. The names of these circles are also written in Turkish and Arabic, and the Turkish letters appear to be larger than their Arabic counterparts at a time when everything Kurdish is disappearing. While most of the Syrian banners adopted by the so-called Syrian opposition in these areas disappear.



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