Reports: Iran follows expansionary foreign policy through its groups in Iraq

Iraqi and other Western studies revealed that Iran is using its groups in Iraq to implement its expansionary foreign policy in Iraq, Syria and the countries of the region. One of the most important tasks of these Iraqi groups is to secure the land route between Tehran, Syria and Lebanon through Iraqi territory.

Iran relies on its groups in Iraq to secure the land route to Syria and Lebanon via Iraqi territory, and according to this plan, the operations of these groups start from its leadership in the western Anbar province, in order to secure the passage of weapons and missiles, including ballistic, to Syria as well as illegal trade, fighters and fuel.

These operations are led by the Hezbollah Brigades 45th Brigade and the Al-Tufaf Brigade led by Qasim Musleh Brigade 13, and they take advantage of their control over the Al-Qaim border crossing with Syria and the "Akashat" area rich in natural resources.

Its movements out of Syria and Lebanon or entering Iraq are not subject to any inspections by Iraqi customs.

The road extends through the border outlets in the provinces of southern and central Iraq bordering Iran, and weapons and missiles are stored in Jurf al-Sakhr, north of Babel, which is the center of operations for the Lebanese and Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades, the Revolutionary Guards, and Iranian Basij forces.

 The fuel is also shipped through this region to Syria and southern Lebanon, while the fighters are transported through official roads based on facilities supervised by the Iranian Quds Force through its influence in Iraq.

Other groups are active in the eastern depth of the Iraqi-Syrian border, particularly from the village of Makr al-Dheib, north of Akashat, in al-Qaim district.

The residents of this area were subjected to displacements by the Hezbollah Brigades in 2017, which are the loyal Ansar Allah Brigades Brigade 19, the Saraya al-Khorasani Brigade 18, the Al-Abdal Movement Brigade 39, the Ansar al-Hajjah Brigade 29 and the Brigades of the Martyrs Brigade Brigade 14.



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