Renaissance Dam at the Security Council table today

The UN Security Council is holding a session today, on negotiations for the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia.

Egypt anticipated the forthcoming session with a series of high-level contacts and consultations with Security Council member states.

And it coordinated with France, which chairs the Security Council during the month of June this year, as well as with the United States, which hosted several rounds of tripartite consultations between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan.

In anticipation of the session, the African Union held a mini-summit last Friday, which resulted in Ethiopia's commitment not to take unilateral action regarding filling the dam, before the crisis was resolved, and setting a binding time frame within two weeks.

The upcoming Security Council session comes amid a breakthrough in the negotiations between the three countries - Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia - after the intervention of the African Union, which confirmed progress in the negotiations.

It is noteworthy that the Renaissance Dam was designed to be the largest dam in Africa, within the plan of Ethiopia to become the largest source of energy on the continent, by generating 6 thousand megawatts of electricity.

Ethiopia intends to fill the dam without taking into account the needs of the downstream countries, and this is what endangers Egyptian food security.



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