Remnants of Turkish bombing injuries two brothers in Kobane countryside

Two young children were seriously injured in the western countryside of the Koban canton this evening, Friday, when a shell remnant of the Turkish shelling exploded.

One of the mortar shells of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries exploded nearby one of its military bases in the occupied city of Jarablus injuring two children from the village of Al-Boraz on the banks of the Euphrates River, west of Kobane.

Muhammad Kamel aged 12, and his brother Mahmoud Kamel aged 14, were hospitalized in Kobane suffering burns.

It is noteworthy that the western villages of Kobane canton are exposed every period to shelling and targeting by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries stationed in the city of Jarablus and its countryside, and among the agricultural fields. There are many shells that fell and did not explode, which constitutes a constant threat to the lives of the people and children of those villages.



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