Religious cleric: Turkey kills peoples, burns cities in religion’s name

Tawfiq Hamo, a cleric from Kobane canton said: “The Turkish occupation state takes religion as a cloak to kill the peoples of the region, and sees the bloodshed of innocent people as a peace for its black history full of crimes.”

From a group of tribes that were dependent on looting and pillage at the beginning of their tribal life to the power holders under Islamic rule after entering this religion and declaring loyalty in the first century AH, when King Mamoun brought them as soldiers fighting under his command. After that, they rebelled against Islam to start their crimes and kill.

  After ages of killing and displacement of peoples, the Turkish occupation state continues to shed the blood of the peoples of the region in the name of religion, especially the Kurdish people to prove once again that it is the legitimate heir of the Ottoman Empire with the history of criminality through the ages that passed through its 36 sultans.

Erdogan is still following his ancestors’ footsteps by killing children, women and the elderly of the Kurds in the name of religion, declaring himself "the authority" of Muslims.

On this matter, Hawar news agency met with Tawfiq Hamo, 80 years old, a cleric from Kobane.

 “Turkey kills everyone advocates for humanity and democracy”

Tawfic Hamo said in his speech: “There is nothing called killing in the name of religion in Islam. What the Turkish state does is an open trick on the peoples of the region. Since ancient times, Turkey denied several nationalities, but failed to deny the Kurds because of their resistance.”

Hamo added that "whoever sees themselves as an honest Muslim, they should not recognize the Turkish state because its occupation of some cities is unlawful, such as its occupation of Afrin, Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê cities. Its goal is not to fight in the name of religion, but to displace and destroy cities, and cutting water from al-Hasakah city in northeastern Syria is best evidence of its criminality in Ramadan.”

Since its occupation of Afrin, Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê cities, the Turkish occupation state has displaced the indigenous population and settled some of its mercenaries in their homes.

In the recent period, the Turkish state cut more than once the drinking water from al-Hasakah city, the last of which was in this holy month.

Hamo continued saying that “since the establishment of the Prophet Mohammed for his first army, he recommended the commander of the army and told him: do not kill women, nor elders, nor children, do not slit camels, and do not cut down a tree.”

He said: “The policy followed by the Turkish state is to kill everyone who advocates for humanity and democracy, and to commit the most heinous crimes against them, such as bombing young children in Tel Rifaat city, not to mention cutting the olive trees by the mercenaries in the occupied city of Afrin and selling their branches as firewood for heating.”

 “There is no religion for those who kill, plunder and practice hypocrisy”

Hamo believes that “the Muslim Brotherhood group backed by Erdogan does not belong to Islam at all, but they are mercenaries and papers used by the Turkish occupation state to pass its projects in the Arab cities as sending them to Libya.”

During the Syrian war, the Turkish occupation state used its followers from the Muslim Brotherhood as mercenaries under the cover of religion, and formed several of them factions that are still present in Syria, looting the occupied cities.

In the recent period, it changed its policy by sending them to Libya to support the Turkish-backed Accord Government to spread destruction there.

About some clerics who support the occupation state and before the Ottomans, Hamo said that those are not religious men, but rather a mercenary group that the Turkish state depends on to pass its trick on the peoples eager for religion.

The Turkish state relies on clerics (Al-Mulla) who call in mosques to support the government by legitimizing its killing of the peoples of the region, as they promote the Turkish policy and link it to religion in exchange for money.

At the end of his speech, Hamo appealed to “the clerics and the Kurds in North Kurdistan to stay away from Erdogan, and not to go after him because he deceives them. There is no religion for those who kill and plunder and dissemble. The religion of Islam is a religion of peace and does not aim at killing and displacement, and they should realize this through the ongoing war in Syria, which was caused by Erdogan and his false religion: the religion of interest and sowing discord to kill brother.”

Erdogan’s handling of the Palestinian cause calls for the realization that he is pursuing a policy of public and secret. He supports Muslim peoples and secretly supports their killers to become a link between the murderer and the murdered, such as his advocacy of the Palestinian people and the conclusion of economic agreements with Israel, which the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talked about.


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