Relatives of Abdo Sheikho sent to Libya by Turkey appeal for his return

The relatives of Abdo Sheikho demanded the international community to reveal the health of their kidnapped son by the mercenaries of the Samar Qand brigade of the Turkish occupation, whom they sent to Libya on the 15th of last April and to hold the Turkish occupation accountable for committing war crimes against civilians in the occupied Afrin.

Mercenaries of the so-called “Samar Qand” brigade led by the mercenary Abu Jihad for the Turkish Intelligence kidnapped the 15-year-old child Abdo Sheikho from his house in Rota village in Mabata district of the occupied Afrin canton more than two months ago. After a month of torture, they forced him to go to Libya to fight there alongside Al-Sarraj government.

In this context, Najib Sheikho, uncle of the kidnapped child, who is currently displaced from Afrin to Al-Shahba district, spoke to Hawar news agency, and appealed to the international organizations concerned with children's rights to intervene immediately to reveal the fate of their son Abdo Sheikho as soon as possible and return him to his family.

Najib noted that the child is the only son of his elderly parents who suffer from chronic diseases and need to be taken care of, but Turkey's mercenaries kidnapped their only son and sent him to Libya. They do not know anything about his fate.

Sheikho also called on the international community to hold the Turkish occupation accountable for its war crimes against the unarmed civilians in Afrin and sending Kurdish children to battles in other countries.

In his speech, Sheikho noted that the "Samar Qand" mercenaries had turned the village of Rota into a center and headquarter for its mercenaries. They also had turned the house of Abu Khaled into a detention center for torturing the civilians.

Sheikho explained that mercenaries kidnapped civilians in the villages of Afrin, who have children in European countries to force them to send money to release their families.

Sheikho said Samar Qand mercenaries, led by the mercenary Abu Jihad, are stealing the property of the displaced in the occupied villages of Rota, Sinara, Kafir Safra and Hadj Hassanou in the occupied Afrin.

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