Regime’s media: Turkey's mercenaries still reject Sochi Agreement; checkpoints become barracks

According to Syrian regime media outlets, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) mercenaries continue to mobilize on the two international roads linking Aleppo to Latakia and Hama, denying their withdrawal in implementation of the Sochi Agreement, and asserting that the Turkish occupation turned its checkpoints into military barracks with dozens of armored vehicles and military vehicles.

Al-Watan newspaper affiliated to the Syrian regime confirmed that "Al-Nusra" and its umbrella "HTS" continue to mobilize its terrorists on the international roads linking Aleppo to Hama and Latakia, in a reference to their continued refusal to implement the terms of Sochi and the understandings of the meeting of Putin Erdogan. And the decisions of the tripartite summit in Ankara, and noted that the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda, brought new reinforcements to the lines of contact with the Syrian army along the fronts of the fighting.

The newspaper also quoted what it called opposition sources close to the mercenaries of the national army, "affiliated  to and funded by Turkey" in the areas occupied by the north and northeast of Aleppo, that «Nusra» increased the number of terrorists in the crossings and areas that connect Idlib in western Aleppo countryside and link the latter with Afrin.

Al-Nusra, through its preemptive measures against the National Army, at least, has closed the door for its participation in future battles against the Syrian army, as it was before, if the ceasefire expires in force since 31st of last month."

Sources in the newspaper also denied reports in some social media, especially those belonging to the mercenary groups of the Turkish regime, about the withdrawal of some "terrorist groups" from parts of the international road linking Aleppo to Hama, in compliance with the Sochi Agreement.

In a related context, the newspaper quoted (opposition sources) close to the mercenaries «Failaq al-Sham », one of the mercenaries of the Jabha Wataniya Llitahrir that Turkey backs, " the Turkish army during the last month turned its checkpoints in the countryside of southern Aleppo and rural southern Idlib, to the huge military barracks, including Dozens of armored vehicles, military vehicles and hundreds of soldiers."

A source of the regime forces spoke two days ago that the truce in Idlib is on the brink.

Observers saw the recent truce as a new Russian deadline for Ankara to implement the Sochi agreement and withdraw from strategic routes in Idlib, and the regime takes then control.

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