Regime is launching counterattack on northern Hama countryside

The forces of the regime have launched a fierce attack since Friday morning on the northern areas of Hama with aerial and artillery support to regain control of the areas lost yesterday.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the forces of the regime have carried out a counter-attack since Friday morning on the areas lost on Thursday in favor of the mercenary groups in the northern Hama countryside, with intensive air support by the warplanes in dozens of raids, in addition to land support by dozens of missiles.

The Syrian Observatory learned that the forces of the regime were able to regain control of Kfarhod and violent clashes are taking place in Tel Houd in an attempt by the regime forces to restore them completely.

In addition, Russian planes carried out raids on Friday morning in the 40s, Kafarzita, Zakat and Murek areas in the northern suburbs of Hama. They also targeted several places in the town of Al-Latamah, the Zakat villages,

The military aircraft also carried out several raids this morning and after midnight, targeting more than 12 raids this morning, Khan Sheikun, Zakat, Hasariya and al-Arbain, while 10 raids were carried out after midnight on Latamna and Kafarzita north of Hama, and Khan Sheikun south of Idlib.

The groups of mercenaries began yesterday a fierce attack on the positions of the forces of the regime north of Hama in the center of the country in al-Jabin and Tal Meleh and al-Hememiyat in the northern suburb of Hama, where fierce fighting between the parties took place.

The toll of civilian casualties has increased as a result of military operations in the so-called demilitarized zones since the start of the most violent escalation on April 30 and until Thursday, to 354 civilians, including 86 children and 76 citizens killed by the regime's aircraft and the Russian "guarantor" as well as  the Land-based shelling and targeting..


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