​​​​​​​Regime forces closed airspace in northwest of the country, especially Idlib

On Sunday, the regime forces announced the closure of airspace in the northwest of the country, especially Idlib, in front of warplanes and drones.

"According to the commitment of the Syrian Arab Army to its constitutional and national obligations to defend the sovereignty of the state and protect its security and territorial integrity, the General Command of the army and the Armed Forces announces the closure of the airspace for plane flights and any waplanes and drones over the northern region," the official Syrian news agency SANA quoted a military source as saying. Western region of Syria, especially over the Idlib Governorate. "

"Any flight that violates our airspace will be treated as a hostile flight that must be shot down and prevented from achieving its aggressive goals," he added.

The military source also stressed that "the Turkish regime forces continue to carry out hostile actions against our armed forces operating in and around Idlib governorate, whether by targeting the locations of our soldiers who face terrorists directly, or by providing all kinds of support to armed organizations classified on the terrorist list in accordance with international law."

He continued, "These repeated Turkish hostilities will not succeed in saving terrorists from the strikes of the Syrian Arab Army, and they prove the Turkish regime's disavowal of all previous agreements, including the Sochi Memorandum."



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