Regime forces are grabbing more villages towards Khan Sheikhoun

Regime forces, with Russian support, continue to advance and have grabbed more villages towards Khan Sheikhoun. They shelled the area with more than 700 shells within 12 hours.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, regime forces, supported by Russian forces, continue their attacks within the southern sector of the Idlib countryside.

Fierce clashes between regime forces and Turkey's mercenary groups continue on Turai-al-Sekik axis east of Khan Sheikhoun in an attempt to advance in this axis, which is difficult to date under the desperate defense of mercenaries, unlike the western and north-western axes of Khan Sheikhoun, where the regime managed to advance through it and control several areas over the last hours.

The battles have coincided with intense aerial bombardment and fierce ground shelling, bringing the number of raids to 51, which the regime warplanes carried out on al-Tamanea, Khan Sheikhoun, al-Rakaya, Kafarsijnah, the outskirts of al-Amiriyah, and the fighting axes south of Idlib, Mork and Latmeen north of Hama.

While the number of barrel bombs that the regime dropped by helicopter gunships on areas in Kabbana axis in the northern countryside of Lattakia, Sheikh Mustafa and Khan Sheikhoun and its surroundings and Tarie areas and Al-Rakaya and fighting axes in the southern countryside of Idlib rose to 42.

The number of raids carried out by Russian warplanes on the perimeter of Khan Sheikhoun, al-Tamaniya, al-Rakaya, Kafarsijnah, and grazing areas of fighting in the southern countryside of Idlib also increased to 30.

The number of missiles and rockets that targeted regime forces in places in the northern countryside of Hama, southern Idlib, and the mountains of Latakia also increased to 550.

The Syrian Observatory learned that the regime forces made new progress and managed to grab more areas through its control over the villages of Mdayaya and Al-Mardam, northwest of Khan Sheikhoun with air and ground cover, hours after they took control of the village of Abdeen and Harha and Kfar Tabtab, moving the intensive preparations now on the village of Rakaya amid fierce and hysterical shelling by air and land on Khan Sheikhoun and its hamlets, Tarie and Tamanh.

Regime forces are trying to take control of strategic Khan Sheikhoun to reach the international highway linking Aleppo and Damascus.



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