Regime Forces announces resumption of attacks against " reduction of escalation " areas

The forces of the regime announced the resumption of combat operations against mercenary groups in the so-called "reduction of escalation" in Idleb, pointing out that this was due to the continued powers of the Turkish regime to allow its tools from terrorist organizations based in Idleb, to continue its attacks.

Syrian forces have issued a statement recently announcing the resumption of military operations in areas called the reduction of escalation in Idleb.

said that despite the Syrian Arab Army’s agreement to the ceasefire in the de-escalation zone in Idleb on August 1st, terrorist groups supported by Turkey refused to abide by the ceasefire and carried out several attacks against civilians in nearby areas.

The statement said that the Turkish regime’s persistence in allowing their terrorist pawns in Idleb to carry out their attacks proves that Ankara is maintaining its destructive approach and is ignoring its commitments as per the Sochi agreement on Idleb, which has led to terrorists reinforcing their positions and caused the threat of terrorism to spread across Syria.

The statement said that since the agreement to the ceasefire has been conditional to Ankara fulfilling its obligations as per the Sochi agreement, and as this hasn’t happened despite the efforts exerted by Syria in this regard, the Army and Armed Forces will resume its combat operations against terrorist groups regardless of their nomenclature, and it will retaliate to their in fulfillment of the army’s constitutional duty of protecting the Syrian people.

The leader of the Liberation Army of al-Sham (Jebhat al-Nusra) had refused to withdraw from the so-called demilitarized zones at the request of friends and enemies, apparently referring to Turkey and Russia.



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