Regime advancing in Idlib's southern countryside, fierce fighting in Al Neireb

The regime forces  continues to advance in the southern countryside of Idlib, as they have taken control of three new areas, while fighting continues in the town of Al-Nairb

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the regime forces continued controlling Idlib's southern countryside, after a massive Russian air strike, where the regime forces were able to control Ma'arzita village, Ma'ara Harama town and Um al-Sair, after battles with mercenary groups.

Thus, the number of areas controlled by the regime forces during the past six hours increases to 10: Al Sheikh Dams, Hantutin, Al-Rakaya, Tal al-Nar, Kafr Sagina, Sheikh Mustafa, Al-Naqir, Ma'arzita, Ma'arah, and Um al-Sir.

On a related front, fierce fighting continues on the axis of Al-Nairb town and clashes continue to this day, while the Turkish rocket artillery shelled the positions of the regime forces in Saraqib and Al-Nairab town.

The regime airforce had bombed a Turkish point vicinity in Idlib countryside, killing Turkish soldiers and injuring others, while Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said his country would object to the attempt to exonerate the terrorists in Idlib.



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