Refugees of al-Holl camp are increasing, aid not enough

About 27,000 refugees have arrived to al-Holl camp from the countryside of Deir-ez-Zor, their numbers are increasing day by day, while the camp administration and the Kurdish Red Crescent provides the aid, but it is not enough, and the humanitarian organizations are still ignoring their situation. 


Al-Holl camp located south of al-Holl district and east of al-Hasakah city in Al-Jazeera region, the camp was opened by Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) in Al-Jazeera region in 2016, after the launch of the liberation campaign in Mosul to accommodate the Iraqi refugees, who fled from IS barbaric attacks and received the Syrian refugees who had fled from the areas, which were under IS domination     

After liberating Mosul city and other Iraqi areas, large numbers of the Iraqi refugees returned to their homes with coordination between Autonomous Administration and Iraqi government.

With the launching of the campaign of Al-Jazeera Tempest, especially its last stage, the Battle to Defeat Terrorism, due to the large wave of displacement in the Deir-ez-Zor areas, after the Syrian Democratic Forces, which lead the campaign, opened the safe passage to reach the liberated areas, and now the refugees from Deir-ez-Zor countryside are being transported to al-Holl camp.

The administrator in al-Holl camp Magda Amin told ANHA that the number of displaced people arriving at the camp is increasing. "There were about 9,000 displaced Syrians and Iraqi refugees in the camp. Since December 4, 2018, some 27,000 more displaced people have arrived in the camp. We expect more than 30,000 displaced people in the coming days "

As for the services offered to those in the camp, Magda Amin said that the Autonomous Administration in Al-Jazeera is providing its assistance. The Kurdish Red Crescent is striving to provide all medical assistance as the organizations in the camp and the area are still ignoring them, the Kurdish Red Crescent is suffering as well as we from the lack of capabilities to provide the aid to the refugees.

And added "Most of the deaths were children, the cause of which is the suffering and lack of care during the displacement, especially the cold, despite our attempts to save the lives of the camp and the Kurdish Red Crescent, they have lost their lives."

Amin concluded her speech calling the humanitarian organizations to provide assistance to the displaced, especially in health domain due to the presence of many cases of leishmania, in addition to the emergence of other intractable diseases, including tuberculosis.



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