Refugees: AA provides assistance, humanitarian organizations neglect

 Despite the harsh living conditions of the camp amid the organizations' disregard for them, they prefer to resist waiting for a return to the occupied area of ​​ Serêkaniyê

Elderly women displaced with hundreds of families from Serêkaniyê area, are staying in Washo Kani camp, 12 km west of the center of al-Hasakah canton. Due to brutal attacks of the Turkish occupation, thousands of families preferred to head to safer areas in NE, Syria.

Gulsatn Ahmu in her 7th decade explained that they did not receive any kind of assistance or support from international organizations in the camp, except the assistance provided to them by Autonomous Administration.

In asking ANHA agency about the services provided to them by the camp management and international organizations, Guslatn noted that "Autonomous Administration has provided us with tents and our daily necessities. The Kurdish Red Crescent is providing health care to the displaced people of the camp. As for international organizations, so far it has not provided any assistance to the displaced."

Gulstan stressed not to give up Serêkaniyê and defend their land, we appeal to all world countries to look at our situation."

Qariba Abdo, a displaced from Serêkaniyê, said, "The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation have looted our homes and property. We prefer displacement to live with these mercenaries."

"The services in the camp are very poor by organizations that are known as humanitarian, where is their humanity?! So far they have not given us any help, the atmosphere at night is very cold and we lack winter needs. "



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