Redur Khalil: Turkish army violated ceasefire 37 times

Redur Khalil, the official of the Syrian Democratic Forces' Public Relations Office said that the Turkish state violated the ceasefire dozens of times since October 18.

Stating to ANHA, Redur Khalil said, "The Turkish state has not adhered to the ceasefire declared on October 18 as it continued its attacks against North and East Syria."

"Since October 18, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have launched tens of attacks," according to Khalil. 

According to Khalil, the occupation forces have launched 10 air strikes and 27 ground attacks since announcing the ceasefire agreement.

Occupation army's attacks on 18 October 2019

Ground attacks: 7

Air strikes: 5

Artillery shelling: 4

SDF fighters martyred: 9

SDF fighters injured: 41

Attacks launched on 19 October 2019

Ground attacks: 3

Air strikes: 2

Artillery shelling: 3

SDF fighters martyred: 17

SDF fighters injured: 25

Attacks on 20 October 2019

Ground attacks: 2

Air strikes: 1

Artillery shelling: 4

SDF fighters martyred: 16

SDF fighters injured: 21

21 October 2019

Ground attacks: 1

Air strikes: 2

Artillery attacks: 3

SDF fighters martyred: 15

SDF fighters injured: 21


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