Red Crescent: a large number of wounded, martyrs are still in Serekaniye

The co-chair of the Kurdish Red Crescent, Jamila Hami, said that a number of the wounded and bodies of martyrs were still trapped in the city of Serekaniye.

The Kurdish Red Crescent, the International Red Cross and the Syrian Red Crescent evacuated 30 wounded and four martyrs on Saturday.

Jamila Hami explained that three days ago, he tried and exerted his best efforts to evacuate the wounded and martyrs from Serekaniye hospital, their team managed to evacuate 30 wounded and 4 martyrs, and said: "There are a large number of wounded in the hospital and civilian houses, in addition to a number of martyrs."

Jamila revealed the bodies of 10 martyrs are beside the hospital and could not evacuate them. She appealed to all international organizations, the International Red Cross and human rights organizations to press Turkey to open a safe passage to evacuate the wounded and martyrs.

"Turkey has committed terrible crimes against civilians in cities and areas of northern and eastern Syria," said Hami. "In one day, 17 civilians were killed and more than 75 civilians were injured."


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