RCC: International community must uphold responsibility towards practices in Afrin

Al-Raqqa Civil Council (RCC) called on the international community and Human Rights organizations to shoulder their responsibilities regarding the actions of the Turkish occupation state "with its aggressive plan to separate the city of Afrin from the rest of the Syrian regions, which is considered a member of the one Syrian body," during a statement.

 Al-Raqqa Civil Council's members have gathered in the courtyard of the Council, in order to make a statement to the public opinion about the violations practiced by the Turkish occupation against the people of Afrin. The statement was read by the co-chair of the Council, Mushlab al-Darwish, and it said:

"In a new violation of international laws, the Turkish occupation forces began building a concrete wall in the vicinity of the Syrian canton of Afrin to isolate it from its natural geographical environ as an integral part of the Syrian territory and to sever the area from each other using a wide range of terrorist formations under many names of the Syria opposition related to the Turkish side which has been keen and continues to make promises and offers to it, in accordance with a plan to invade the Syrian north and control its resources. This blatant racist aggression was accompanied by extensive demolitions, bulldozing of houses and civilians' properties and public buildings and the uprooting of olive trees, the olives that block the line of the wall to complete the work of construction of a concrete wall starting from the villages of Meryamin in the north to Kimar in the south to separate Afrin from the northern regions of Syria.

We in al-Raqqa Civil Council see that the brutal Turkish intervention of the Syrian territory and the imposition of a racist cement block for the free city of Afrin are not based on any moral and legal rules. This is not new to the Turkish regime because it had previously occupied the Syrian Iskenderun and part of the Cypriot territory.

We also condemn and denounce the Turkish occupation of the Syrian territory, the practicing of the worst violations against the beloved people of Syria and spreading the spirit of division and strife among its components, especially in the occupied Afrin.

Syria long lived free, pluralistic, decentralized ... shame and disgrace to the enemies of freedom. "



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