Rasoul: Project of Autonomous Administration not of one party

According to the writer Melvan Rasoul, the leader, Abdullah Ocalan's message which he sent to the peoples of northeastern Syria have important implications with regard to the unity, solidarity of peoples and the correct approach of the Autonomous Administration.

 The messages of the leader, Abdullah Ocalan attracted  the interest of the Kurdish public, particularly in northern and eastern Syria.

About the content and dimensions of Ocalan's letters, Hawar News Agency met the writer, Melvin Rasoul.

Contradictions in the Middle East are being created by global regimes and forces

"The imposed isolation imposed on Ocalan and the fire they created is deliberate or coincidental and absurd, it is stupid to think that everything that happens is coincidental and absurd," Rasoul said.

 Rasoul pointed out that what happened on the island of Imrali has two messages;  the first related to the Syrian crisis. "it is necessary to link the incidents with each other, especially the war in Idlib and the rivalry that is taking place between the forces of the Syrian regime, Turkish forces, the mercenary jihadist factions, Russian forces and Iranian role." 

The second message relates to the Kurdish issue. "Because there is the Kurdish issue, the Turkish state is sending a message by pressing the symbol of the Kurdish struggle represented by the person of Abdullah Ocalan."

"It cannot be said that lifting the isolation and meeting the leader with his family and other detainees is a change in Turkish policy, but a continuation of that policy because most leaders are still held hostage in the Turkish prisons," Rasoul said.

He added that his message has many implications for Rojava and the north and east of Syria. It is about activating the role of institutions. He glorified the struggle of the Kurdish people and the brotherhood of the peoples in the north and east of Syria. Rasoul said:

"The active institutions gained the approval of the leader because they were based on his developed, implemented philosophy on the ground by Ocalan, specifically the media because it conveys the truth and facts, so "The media in Rojava has served the Kurdish cause, the people's cause and the concept of a democratic nation."

"Abdullah Ocalan praises the role of Arab tribes,"

 Rasoul referred to the Arab clans and the components in the leader's message, adding: "It is necessary to join hands because the occupier and the regime worked to disperse the street and sow hatred among the components, especially on March 12, 2004 when he "The regime pushed some Arabs against the Kurds and accused them of enemies and a number of false accusations ."

"All the components have come together. This is what the occupiers, the Syrian regime and the opposition reject because it is an advanced model that did not appear in the Middle East," he said.

The project of the Autonomous Administration does not concern a party, but also all the components of the region. Rasoul added that "all components must work to make the experiment of the Autonomous Administration a success because its succeeded policy in comparison with the policies of others. They put their bet was on the occupier of the opposition and some Kurdish parties are still running after the Ottoman dream to achieve its ambitions and implement its agendas in our country."

 "The Autonomous Administration which was formed in Rojava and north and east Of Syria from administrative, service and media institutions, belongs not only to a party group, but also to all the peoples and components of the region," Rasoul said. Some parties are accused of being part of the PYD which is untrue because this project has gone beyond the borders of Rojava."

Nations and developed countries will not advance without the principles and laws

"All the components are involved in the management of their cities and regions in northeastern Syria. Most of the society has gone beyond the partisan concept. With regard to shortcomings, they occur in all developed countries," He said.

 He also said: "There are cases in the Autonomous Administration that serve their personal and family interests; this is a misconception, rejected by all standards of the civil society, as indicated by Ocalan in his letter. So it is a sober society that relies on foundations and principles that reach the promotion."

"we have to overcome mistakes that we may notice because these mistakes do not advance societies. So everyone has to focus on these issues; the experience of the Autonomous Administration has proved successful, so the stakeholders are required to focus on all aspects of mistakes and avoid them."



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