Rashid: Stage requires popular revolution

Jamal Rashid said that the current contradictions in Syria come as a result of conflicting interests between the countries involved in the crisis and that the current stage requires a popular revolution "to reach crucial solutions."

ANHA conducted an interview with a member of the Office of Relations in the Council of the Region of Afrin, Jamal Rashid on developments in Syria, especially northwest Syria, which is witnessing daily developments.

Rashid said that most of the contradictions that occur in Syria "is the result of conflict of interest between the countries involved in the Syrian crisis, and the last of these contradictions was in Idlib between Russia and Turkey was the result of meetings Astana opened the international road between Gaziantep and Damascus, and the road of Aleppo and Lattakia, to open trade routes in the region. "

"The Turkish-Russian agreement was not built on firm foundations," Rashid said of the differences between Turkey and Russia. "Russia has finally felt that Turkey wants to pass its own interests by protecting terrorist groups in Idlib in the areas.

Rashid said that the campaign of the Syrian regime and Russia "will not produce positive results after the Turkish support of mercenary groups, logistically and media, It has been found that Turkey is supporting terrorism again by supporting Jabhat al-Nusra.

"Russia does not want a war with Turkey but wants to end its arm in Syria. Russia does not want Turkey to lose as a result of the S-400 deal between the two sides. Russia does not want to lose Turkey after Iran's loss of interests on the ground," he said.

"The Russian points in Tel Rafat are the result of the battle of Idlib and the Turkish threats," Jamal Rashid said.

"The campaign against Idlib, as we mentioned earlier, is to open international roads, but according to expectations and alliances at the moment we do not expect the regime and Russia to control Idlib and in the long run we see that control of Idlib is related to the liberation of Afrin and control of the area of ​​al-bab, and this will take some time, "he said.

"We are at a stage that requires a popular revolution and awakening the reality of the people in Idlib. The time has come for this people to be convinced that the Turkish enemy and other countries in Syria are ultimately working for their interests," Jamal concluded.



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