​​​​​​​Raping minor in occupied Afrin is continuation of genocide policy

Women's organizations in North and East Syria condemned the crimes of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in the occupied areas, as well as the international silence towards them, and considered them a continuation of the crimes of genocide and demographic change, and called for the urgent and immediate intervention of human rights organizations,

Within the series of crimes of the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries in the occupied areas, the leader of the mercenaries of "Sultan Suleiman Shah", known as "Al-Amshat" affiliated with the Turkish occupation, raped a 10-year-old girl from Shia district in occupied Afrin while the mercenary was accompanying the girl and her mother on their way to Afrin on the 6th of May.

Multiple crimes and one criminal


The spokesperson for the Sara Organization for Combating Violence against Women, Arzo Tammo, expressed her strong condemnation of the crime, and explained: "For 5 years, the Afrin people have been living a struggle for existence and survival. Occupied Afrin has become hell for those who live in it. The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries have robbed women and children of their rights, as they now live in There was constant fear and anxiety because of the heinous practices being committed against them.”

And she added, "There are many crimes and the criminal is one," explaining, "Women in the occupied territories are exposed on a daily basis to abuse, rape, kidnapping, arrest and torture, in front of the eyes the whole world, until they live in the hell of occupation and its flames," by referring to what has been revealed of crimes against women. In the occupied territories, especially the right of the abducted women in the torture detention centers of the Turkish occupation.

Crimes of child rape and forced marriage under threat and extortion are recorded on a daily basis, and the rate of underage marriage has increased dramatically in occupied Afrin.

 “International human rights organizations must enter Afrin urgently and immediately.”

A spokeswoman for Sara Organization called on international and human rights organizations to intervene and save the Afrin people, especially women and children, from inevitable doom, asking: "Where are the human rights organizations that claim to protect the rights of women and children from the crimes of the occupation and its mercenaries? Those organizations must enter occupied Afrin and document the crimes and that their laws should not remain a dead letter.”

She explained that "this crime will affect the life of the child in the short and long term, as she needs to be rehabilitated psychologically and healthily and provide the necessary care for her, but in light of the injustice and violations that occupied Afrin is witnessing, this cannot be done."

She said, "We are doing what we have to do by highlighting these violations, but this is not enough because our voices are not heard by the international forces, so we repeat and repeat that it is urgent and necessary for international human rights organizations to enter occupied Afrin to document crimes and hand them over to the concerned authorities.

A policy based on extermination and demographic change


For her part, member of the Kongra Star Coordination Committee, Hevi Suleiman, commented on the crimes of the Turkish occupation in the occupied territories, and described the crime committed against the 10-year-old girl as "painful."

She explained to ANHA’s agency: "We must evaluate the environment in which the crime occurred, who committed it and what is the atmosphere that enabled the criminal to carry out this heinous crime. They have chauvinistic and racist ideas, and this is what is summarized in the mentality of the occupied Turkish state, a mentality based on denial, extermination and demographic change."

Hevi Suleiman added, "Five years have passed, and these crimes occur on a daily basis against the owners of the land. With the most brutal methods, Turkey implements its occupation policies, as the population is subjected to kidnapping, torture, and killing, while this brutality increases against women, as they are the most determined and adherent to their land and culture in the face of the occupation."

Indicating that the Turkish occupation state is exploiting mercenaries in order to make the extermination projects a success, stressing that "they are tools in the hands of the Turkish occupier to implement these policies, so that it can impose its occupation culture, divide Syria and the Syrian society, displace the people and change the demography of the region."

Your silence is evidence of your complicity in these crimes'

Hevi Suleiman denounced the international silence and the human rights bodies towards these crimes, stressing, "Everyone, with their silence, shows that they are partners in the crimes of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries." She asked: "They claim to defend rights and humanity, so where are they from these crimes?" of these crimes.

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