Rampant insecurity, loss of simplest necessities of life in occupied areas

In the areas recently occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries in the north and east of Syria from Serêkaniyê to Girê Spî, the people are suffering from abuses, starvation and looting.

The areas occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries are witnessing a state of security chaos, in addition to the occupation and its mercenaries following the policy of starvation against the people to force them to submit to the occupation, but the people of those areas reject those policies followed against them, where a video footage spread on social networking sites from the town of Silok in Girê Spî occupied canton, showing a line of people queuing in front of one of the bakeries to get some bread after the destruction and looting of the occupation and its mercenaries the majority of bakeries in the region.

A man appears and speaks in the video confirming that these occupied areas are suffering from a lack of all basic living materials, where they do not have bread, water, electricity and fuel, and confirms that the checkpoints of the occupation army and mercenaries impose high taxes on all those who try to bring materials to the occupied areas, leading to material shortages and high prices.

It is noteworthy that these areas used to witness a state of security and stability and the availability of all services, which were provided by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, but the Turkish occupation destroyed the infrastructure of the areas it occupied, while its mercenaries looted and robbed public and private properties.


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