Rami Makhlouf warns of a great catastrophe on Syrian economy

The Syrian businessman Rami Makhlouf, who is close to Bashar Al-Assad, revealed that the Syrian authorities asked him to give up his position in Syriatel and that he refused this, and warned of a great catastrophe on the Syrian economy.

Makhlouf, in a new video posted on his Facebook page under: "The wrongdoers are guardians of each other and God is the guardian of the righteous," renewed his warning of the collapse of the company "Syriatel", warning of a catastrophe on the Syrian economy.

Makhlouf revealed negotiations with the Syrian authorities to release the arrested Syriatel employees, adding that the authorities he negotiated with required him to pay the required amounts from him, and contracted with a specific company to serve the "Syriatel" company for technical equipment, as well as his removal from his position in the "Syriatel" company. As Chairman of the Board of Directors, but he stressed that he will not give up his position, and said: "In the war I did not give up my position and my country and my principal."

He revealed the resignation of his brother, who was the vice-chairman of the "Syriatel" company, after he refused to sign contracts that would serve the people he described as a warlord.

Makhlouf revealed that during an official meeting with the telecommunications corporation, the corporation asked him to waive a portion of the company's profits under the threat of imprisonment and lay hands on the company.

Reports spoke of a major dispute between the Rami Makhlouf family and the Assad family ruling Syria, as Makhlouf appeared in previous videos, attacking the Syrian government.


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