Raids kill 2 children in Idlib, mercenary groups bomb Naireb camp

Two children were killed by raids by Russian aircraft on the province of Idlib, while a rocket shell landed on the camp Naireb southeast of the city of Aleppo, launched by the mercenary factions, sources said the damage was material.

The shelling continues between the forces of the Syrian regime and the mercenary groups in northwest Syria, especially Aleppo.

According to a local source of our agencies ANHA that the groups of mercenaries bombed a moment ago Naireb camp southeast of the city of Aleppo, rocket-propelled grenade, and that the damage was material.

They also targeted mercenary groups stationed on the western side of the city, al-Shahba neighborhood in Aleppo, while our agency could not determine the extent of the damage and the victims.

In Lattakia countryside, another source close to the forces of the Syrian regime said that Lieutenant Muhannad Abdel Hamid Mahmoud lost his life in battles in rural Lattakia.

In Idlib, a source told our correspondent that two children had lost their lives in an air strike carried out by Russian warplanes in the town of Hass. The source said that the aircraft launched raids on the vicinity of Ma'arat al-Nu'man south of Idlib and confirmed that there were reports of casualties and victims.

The mercenaries also published the names of 46 mercenaries, including five military officials who were killed in battles with the regime forces in the northern countryside of Hama, during the past six days.

The five officials were Mohammed Mahmud Shamali, a military official in Jabhet al-Nusra, Ahmed al-Samail, a commando officer, Mohammad Najjar, a military official, and Mohamad Abdul Karim and Mo'iad Jasir two military officials in Jaish al-Iza.



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