Quarantine center is underway inside al-Mahmoudly camp in al-Tabqa countryside

Al- Mahmoudly camp's administration is preparing to establish quarantine center, taken all preventive measures to prevent coronavirus outbreak inside al-Mahmoudly camp, which includes 8,000 refugees, while the number of the infected persons reached to 117 cases in the autonomous administration areas.

The Cell Crisis in al-Tabqa area issued many decisions to curb coronavirus in its areas, as what happened in AA's areas, so al-Mahmoudly administration in the northern countryside of al-Tabqa city to establish quarantine center inside the camp to protect the refugees from any infections may occur into the camp.

Hawar news agency interviewed with the co-chair of al- Mahmoudly camp Abdul Hadi al-Abd, who talked about the orders to build quarantine center inside the camp to protect the displaced from coronavirus, we receive instructions from Cell Crisis to establish quarantine center which includes 4 sectors, being provided with beds and suitable equipment, as well as to preparing an isolation area surrounding the center, a space has been allocated for it at the entrance to the main camp. 

It is decided that the World Health Organization WHO, through its general coordination within the camp, will supervise the provision of the center with the necessary medical tools and provide medical staff to work within the center.

In order to enhance the health safety system within the camp, the administration issued a decision to reduce the period of departure by half, on condition that they return to the camp before 4 p.m. to take sterilization measures for the entrants, since the camp administration gives residents permission to go out on a daily basis to meet their needs from al-Tabqa city center.

In another step of the steps taken by the camp administration to confront the seriousness of this pandemic, and to raise the level of awareness about the repercussions that result in the event of an pandemic within the camp, Abdul Hadi al-Abd indicated, “The administration works through the offices within the camp, and in coordination with the social and psychological support program, to do He toured the camp residents, explaining the seriousness of this pandemic, and the importance of applying safety rules and social distancing within the camp.

And in implementation of the prevention and safety rules, the camp administration notified all organizations and associations operating within several support programs inside the camp of the need to implement all safety and prevention measures and to adhere to wearing medical masks and gloves, in order to avoid transmitting any disease, especially since those working in direct contact with camp refugees all the time.

It is noteworthy that al-Mahmoudly camp, located 10 km north of the city of al-Tabqa, houses more than 8,000 displaced, distributed over 2,055 tents, installed along the seven sectors of the camp.



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