Qamishlo women: If all parts of Kurdistan united, force would be formed to solve area 's crises

Some of Qamislo's women pointed out that the Kurdish people are united, but need to unify the Kurdish political vision, saying that "if all parts of Kurdistan united, a force would be formed to solve all the crises in the area."

The Kurdish people and throughout the geography of Kurdistan are under attack by some hostile states aimed at exterminating them, and the Kurds in Rojava are constantly attacked by the Turkish occupier and its mercenaries who occupied Kurdish cities and worked to change their demographics to obliterate Kurdish culture.

Therefore, several initiatives were launched to unite the Kurdish ranks and stand up to the occupation, most notably the initiative of the Commander-in-Chief of the SDF, Mazloum Abdi, in order to reunite the Kurds, in the face of the Turkish attack.

Rodin Issa, a resident of Kaddourbek neighborhood in Qamislo, stressed the need to unify the Kurdish house, because the Kurdish people are constantly exposed to attacks, extermination and conspiracies, adding: "Kurdish political forces and parties should seek to unite the Kurdish ranks, because when the issue concerns the Kurdish all parties stand against them."

Rodin said "The people of Rojava have given thousands of martyrs, so it is their legitimate right to preserve the earnings of these martyrs who sacrificed their lives".

Rodin Issa called on Kurdish parties and representatives of the four parts of Kurdistan to reach a unified agreement, set aside personal agendas, and look at Kurdish interests.

Zahra Abdul Karim, a resident of al-Bashiriya neighborhood of Qamislo "The Kurdish people are united, but we need to unite the Kurdish political vision and put aside differences, and our presence is related of our unity, whether political or social".

Zahra pointed out that the instability in the Kurdish rank is primarily in the interest of the Turkish fascist, and noted that "if this unity is achieved, the attacks will fail, and this will lead to the destruction of what the occupier built."

Zahra Abdul Karim concluded that the personal interests of some political parties become a reason for not reaching a real unity that serves the Kurdish people in general.



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