Qamishlo people: Today is unity, solidarity’s day

Qamishlo people called for achieving the Kurdish national unity by all means available to them, and made clear that today is the day of unity.

Thousands of Qamishlo residents went to the streets and squares, calling on the Kurdish political parties to unify the Kurdish rank.

Fatima Mahmoud, one of the women participating in the demonstration, appealed to the political parties to quit their differences and achieve unity. She said, “Today is the day of unity, if we do not struggle today, all countries of the world will gather against us. Every Kurd that does not join this unity must be held accountable.”

Fatima described those whoever evades the unity as enemy, and went on saying, “Enough for these differences. Whoever does not want this unity must not claim to be a Kurd, being considered the enemy of the Kurdish people.”

For his part, Ismail Muhammad Amin said, “Without unity, differences cannot be resolved. When we achieve our unity, we will be able to defeat our enemies.”

Ismai made his appeal to the parties that refuse to participate in achieving unity saying, “We hope that we can achieve unity. Without  unity, we will not be able to achieve victory as unity is very necessary.”


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