Qamishlo people to political parties in Newroz 2020: “Realize our dream”

The people of Qamishlo celebrated Newroz in several places surrounding the city in the form of small gatherings, but in the interest of public safety and to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, the festivals were canceled this year.

The Kurdish people around the world celebrate Newroz on March 21 each year, as it is a national holiday, in which the fires are lit in reference to the Kurds’ uprising in the face of their enemies defeating them.

On Saturday, the Kurdish people flocked to the squares surrounding the city in the form of small gatherings in separate places to celebrate this day.

The Internal Security Forces contributed to guaranteeing the necessary security and protection for the people to not be exposed to any terrorist attack.

Hawar news agency talked with some people during Newroz.

The citizen Bozan Oso said in this regard: "We will celebrate Newroz as every year. Of course there is a Corona virus, but Newroz is a holy day for us, and we should not stay in our homes, as Newroz is a torch for freedom."

Oso called for the Kurdish political parties to join the ranks, and said: "One hand cannot clap on its own, but if several arms unite, they will definitely become stronger, and no one will be able to undermine us."

The young woman Rania Amin congratulated Newroz on all the Kurdish people, and said that this holiday differs from the previous holidays due to the spread of the Corona virus in many countries of the world, and added: "The gatherings were not mass, but we spent a nice day."

Rania Amin also called on the political parties to join together and make the coming year a year for the unity of the Kurdish ranks, as this is a dream that we have been waiting for since our birth, so make our dream come true."


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