Qamishlo commemorates martyrs of its uprising by lighting candles in streets

By the 16th anniversary of the March 12th Uprising, Qamishlo people today commemorated the martyrs of the uprising by lighting candles in the city's streets.

Tomorrow, the 12th of March marks the 16th anniversary of Qamishlo Uprising, in which more than 35 people were martyred by the Baathist forces and the chauvinists associated with the regime, and to commemorate the Uprising's martyrs, the people of Qamishlo city lit candles on Wednesday in the streets.

It is noteworthy that the March 12th Uprising started from Qamishlo city, where the Baathist regime and some chauvinists attempted to create a sectarian strife between the Kurds and the Arabs on the background of a football match which was held between al-Fatwa club (Deir ez-Zor) and al-jihad club (Qamishlo) in the city, and after that, the Kurds in all of Syria went out in an uprising to reject those policies and crimes committed by the Baathist regime against the Kurdish people.


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