Qamishlo bid farewell martyr Ahmad Salbi

Hundreds of people from Girgê Legê, Dêrik and Tal Koçer, bid farewell the body of the fighter of Ahmad Salbi al-Khabour of al-Senadid Forces, who was martyred the district of Tel Hamis.

Hundreds of residents of Dêrik area gathered today in front of martyr Hoger Hospital in the city to receive the body of the fighter Ahmed and the convoy headed towards Tel Koçer. The body of the martyr in the shrine of the martyrs was received by hundreds of people from the regions of Girgê Legê to and Tal Koçer.

The funeral ceremony started by holding a minute of silence followed by presenting a military parade.

After the military parade, the commander in al-Senadid Khelef al-Emash delivered a speech and praised the role of the martyrs in achieving freedom and liberating the lands from the mercenaries.

Many speeches were delivered which commemorated the martyrs and praised the coexistence among all components and promised to follow the martyrs' path.

The body of the martyr Ahmed was then buried in his last resting place.



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