Qaftan: What is going on in Idlib is a crisis between Turkey, Iran and Russia

The head of Future Syria Party said the fighting in north-western Syria was "a result of a tripartite deal between the Syrian regime and Russia."

Countryside of northern and eastern Latakia, western Aleppo, and Idlib provinces have witnessed a military operation by the Syrian regime with Russian air support since two weeks. This operation is considered the most violent of all the military operations it has accepted as a result of continuous aerial bombardments.

On the latest developments in the north-west of Syria, the head of Future Syria Party, Ibrahim Qaftan, said that the situation in the region "is an agreement between the Syrian government and its partner Russia under the pretext of fighting terrorism."

The north-west of Syria is subject to the Treaty of Astana, which includes Turkey, Russia and Iran and they call themselves "guarantor states." Qaftan pointed out that "what is happening in Idlib is not individual terrorism, but state terrorism." Adding that "there are no guarantor states, but there are countries seeking to achieve their interests."

The fighting in Idlib and the rural areas led to the displacement of hundreds of families of mercenaries and civilians to the neighboring city of Afrin in the completion of the plan to change the demographic composition in the Turkish occupation of Afrin since the beginning of last year.

"The situation of Idlib is an international crisis before it is an internal crisis, which is a crisis among Turkey, Iran and Russia, as well as the Syrian government and this is reflected on the ground and has an international dimension."

Turkey has already abandoned groups of mercenaries it used to back in Damascus and Aleppo in exchange for bargains with Russia and Iran, which have turned a blind eye to Turkish occupation of about 10 percent of Syria.

Turkey has been a guarantor of some forces on the north and west sides of Syria, and has agreed with the Syrian government and the Russians to find a demilitarized "safe area" 20 kilometers inside Syrian territory, that area was not spared the shelling."

"These cells in Idlib will be doomed," he said. "They did not think about the Syrian national situation. They have to think about a democratic project, not a national one."

At the end of his speech, Qaftan said, "All components of the Syrian people rely on a democratic project that will be its basic national identity and citizenship."



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