Qaftan: The international community should seek stability in Syria

Ibrahim Qaftan said that the Turkish state should refrain from aggravating the situation in Syria and displacing its people, while Qaftan addressed the international community to seek stability of Syria and its territorial integrity and its people, especially after the end of mercenaries.

In conjunction with the first anniversary of the founding of the Future Syria Party, our agency conducted a meeting with the head of the Future Syria Party, Ibrahim Qaftan, who briefed us on the basic principles of the party and the pillars that called for the establishment of a party aimed at bringing the Syrian viewpoints closer together and proposing solutions that contribute to a comprehensive solution to the crisis in Syria.

Conditions that called for the establishment of the Future Syria Party

As for the reasons behind the founding of the party, which was founded in 27 March 2018 under the slogan "Free, democratic, pluralistic and decentralized Syria," Qaftan explained that the main objective of the party is to transform this society into a socially organized political society; decentralization, pluralism and democracy are the most important pillars on which the party depends on its programs. Therefore, the party sought to be aware of the Syrian society to recognize others and vice versa.

The stages crowing announcement of party' foundation

Qaftan pointed out that the party organized many tours on all regions and rural areas, which exceeded more than 60 tours in the north, east of Syria, and they held discussions with many parties until this party was established, and has gained ground and acceptance to publish its thought, indicating that there were many theses, and this program was established with a group of people and was modified more than once resulting in the current situation of the party.

Why was the city of al-Raqqa selected for the founding conference?

Qaftan said that the main purpose of holding their meeting in al-Raqqa is to convey a message to the international community: the children of al-Raqqa are not the ideologues of the extremist Daesh; they are the ones who hold the democratic ideology, so they chose to be the first founding conference in the city of al-Raqqa, the conference was attended by many people from Syria and not only the Syrian north. The number of attendees in the conference exceeded more than 1,000 people, most of whom gave their views on the party's program, motto and the manifesto because they will be the real incubators of the party.

Ibrahim Qaftan stressed that the party has its own ideology to push people to join this party, where the main idea of ​​this party is still the popular incubator, and on that basis the party was founded and evaluated for this breakthrough; the party took it positively, and at the same time stressed that it was the others who were evaluating the party, and this was manifested by the increasing demand for involvement in its ideology.

The activities of the party during this year

During this year, the party met according to Qaftan with many personalities, dignitaries, intellectuals, clan sheikhs, youths, women, and clergymen; because the Future Syria Party cares about every single detail and has a big role with the clergymen because Daesh is geographically and militarily finished.

 He said that the party would play an effective role in ending the thought of Daesh, as this thought is not destroyed except by another thought, because the thought adopted by the radical terrorist cells distorted the ideas of the majority of the Syrian people and just as the party played a military role, it would save the Syrian people from this thought, to avoid a war between the people of Syria and to get rid of one-party and mono-thought and turn to the slogan of Future Syria Party "Decentralized and democratic thinking."

 What program and activities does the party seek to organize during the coming year?

In this regard, Qaftan explained: "Each party has its own strategies, and the party's strategy is to develop the party from an organizational point of view and expand relations with partisan and regional parties." On the future goals of the party, he added: "Next year we will have programs on holding meeting or dialogue with parties Syria and not only in the Syrian north, but in all of Syria; to reach the goal of Syrians through the political parties that believe in pluralism and decentralization. We have projects on the Syrian constitution, and next year the second conference will have results on the ground and on the whole of Syria because Future Syria Party is for each Syrian outside and inside Syria.

Future Syria Party's view of developments in the region, its role in the future of Syria

Qaftan added, "The Syrian crisis is not only among the people of Syria, but also turned into an international crisis. The aim of the party is to open up to some neighboring countries such as Iraq, Turkey and others and the Syrian government to play a role in drafting Syria's new constitution, which is the first step in solving the Syrian crisis. Besides, the Turkish state has to stop aggravating the situation in Syria, and the occupation of Afrin and the displacement of its children are abnormal situation, this is an attack by a state against a state.

At the end of his speech, Qaftan addressed the international community to seek stability in Syria, especially after the end of Daesh, "because what we hope is not to re-shed blood of the Syrians on the Syrian soil to achieve the interests of international and foreign agendas; we address the people of Syria at home; they must know that the states seek their interests so should we as children of Syria seek our interests and avoid bloodshed in order to preserve the integrity and unity of Syria. "



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