Qadim Ibrahim about Turkish occupation: Turkish state's history proves its ambitions

Head of the Future Syria Party-Euphrates region's branch, Kadim Ibrahim said, "Several countries are settling accounts among themselves on the Syrian scene under the cover of making efforts to resolve the crisis," pointing out that the person who pays the price is the Syrian people which is considered the biggest loser.

In 2011, it did not take long for external arms to interfere in the Syrian popular movement, and the Syrian people at that time hoped to become a revolution to change the reality of the miserable situation that the people had lived for decades under a government whose last concern was the interest of the people of the homeland.

Year after year, the countries involved in the Syrian affairs increased, until many began to call the conflict in Syria an international conflict, and some observers came to call it World War III.

Many analysts agree that the great interference of external players in the Syrian issue has deepened the crisis in this country and further removed the methods of the solution.

The head of the Future Syria Party in the Euphrates region, Kadim Ibrahim, said in a statement to Hawar News Agency about this issue: "The countries that interfered in Syria in order to control the situation were not sincere in their intention, as they worked for their interests at the expense of the Syrians who paid and are still paying bills."

Kadim Ibrahim pointed out that Turkey is one of the countries that most interferes in the Syrian issue, and said that "Turkey interferes in Syria with its ambition, and the history of the Turkish state proves its ambitions. It previously occupied the Arab world and recently Afrin, Tal Abyad and Serê Kaniyê/ Ras al-Ain, and now it aspires to complete occupation. Northern Syria on the pretext of establishing a safe zone in the originally safe areas. "

He clarified that they are in the Future Syria Party, stressing the necessity that the decision of the country's future be in the hands of the Syrians, and that the country’s people dispense with foreign interference and be able to decide its fate, and hold fair and democratic elections.

The head of the Future Syria Party branch in the Euphrates region touched on the efforts to prepare a new Syrian constitution, and said, "The failure of all components of the Syrian people to participate in the drafting of a new Syrian constitution and the intervention of countries with interests in these endeavors, especially Turkey, will not lead to a solution and will prolong the crisis, we will not recognize this constitution because not all spectra of the Syrian people participate, and for this reason the crisis in this country will last. "



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