PYD's Organization held its 1st conference

Today, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Organization in Girê Spî Canton held its first conference under the slogan "With Determination and Organization we will Liberate Afrin, Build a Democratic Decentralized Syria" and conclude with the election of an administrative council for its office in the canton.

With the broad participation of representatives of all the political parties in the canton and the dignitaries and sheikhs and representatives of the Democratic Administration  and the presence of the co-chair of the Democratic Union Party, Aisha Hassou, the activities of the first conference of the Democratic Union Party launched in the canton.

The conference started with holding a minute of silence followed by the opening speech by the Aisha Hassou, who welcomed the attendance and congratulated the conference to the members of the party and the peoples of the region. She then spoke about the political situation in the region, noting that the regions of northern and eastern Syria this stage requires further organization and political action to achieve political gains on the ground in addition to the military victories that have been achieved.

Several speeches were delivered and congratulated the conference to the party and the people of the canton, and wish success to the conference.

The party's two-year work in the canton was read in addition to the reports of the Women's Bureau of the Democratic Union Party, discussed and evaluated by the audience.

The conference ended with the election of an administrative council of the canton party office of 13 people, while the joint presidency and their deputies will be selected at the first meeting of the new council.



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