PYD's Conference ended events of first day 

The events of the first day of the Democratic Union Party conference concluded with  reading  the annual report. It will continue  on tomorrow morning.

 The events of the Democratic Union (PYD) party's 8th conference ended in Rumilan, Qamishlo this morning. They were launched under the slogan "With the Democratic Union, we defeat the occupation, develop the administration, and build a democratic Syria". 600 delegates from northern and eastern Syria attended in addition to the conference guests, the  Syria Democratic Council, the Syrian Democratic Union, the National Coordinating Committee - the  Change Movement , the Syrian Federation Party, elders in the northern and eastern Syria, political and community figures, and representatives of the parties in north-eastern Syria, representatives of the north-eastern administration in Syria, representatives of women and youth organizations, Kurdish and Arab clans, as well as a group of intellectuals and academics.

In the afternoon, the conference continued its 2nd Congress. After reading the annual report of the party and the reports of its offices. It will continue its work on Tuesday by reading the internal system, and conducting appropriate amendments, as well as the election of the co- chairs of the party.




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