PYD: Targeting martyr Diyar comes in scheme

The General Council of PYD expressed its condolences for the martyrdom of the member of the General Leadership Council of Kurdistan Community System(KCK) Diyar Gharib. It pointed out that the targeting of the martyr Diyar comes within the framework of what Turkey is trying to implement under the name of "undermining the Kurdish movement" and targeting the Kurdish national figures.

The General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) today issued a statement to the public on the martyrdom of comrade Diyar Gharib "Helmet" after he and his two companions, Defran and Shahin (Abdul Qadir Aslan) were martyred on July 5 by the Turkish aircraft bombing.

The text of the statement:

In front of the consciousness of the Kurdish people who realized historic achievements at the political and diplomatic levels, the Turkish fascism turned into a rabid wolf attacking everything related to the Kurds wherever it is, with the aim of uprooting the Kurds with all their affiliations. They are engaged in a military raging war against every Kurd on the land of Kurdistan from Afrin to Qandil From Deirsem to Kirkuk, and in a political and diplomatic war with all its energies in all parts of the world, using all its tools, from jihadists, Daesh to their historical agents from Kurds and other components.

The direct war on Rojava has not stopped in various forms since 2012 despite the peace efforts of the leader Ocalan, the war is still ongoing against our people in Bakur and Turkey, in addition to the military presence in the south that increased with invasions of Daesh on the Kurds, and aerial bombardment on Qandil has not stopped since four years, and the Turkish fascist is still trying to implement what it has drawn since 2010 under the name of "scheme to undermine the Kurdish movement", all active Kurdish national figures within this framework have become targets of the Turkish fascism everywhere.

In this comprehensive framework, the Turkish state targeted Comrade Diyar Gharib, "Helmet" member of the Presidency Council  of the Kurdistan Community System (KCK). The Comrade Gharib was the conscious national figure who knew about the Turkish machinations and was confronting it in various ways. He was the righteous son of the Kurdish people in South and realized what is being waged for his nation and his people, especially in the south of Kurdistan and tried to reunite the Kurdish people in the south after it had been spoiled and scattered by the agents.

The General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) expresses its deep sorrow and grief over the loss of Comrade Gharib and the two comrades who accompanied him. We share our people the martyrs' families their sadness and we wish them the patience and solace.

We also promise our martyrs and our people to follow the path of the martyr and complete it until the goals he has struggled for are achieved.



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